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Website Design company In India

We Digihand In provide quality website design, website development and digital marketing services at lowest cost in India and across the globe. We were established in 2015 with head office in Kharadi, Pune.We are a team of strong website development, designing and other web based application development for online presence and shopping experience.

Website development refers to building a website available to internet for all users around the globe so that they can interact with your business and can give you sales in form of digital order.In website development we user all web development programming platforms like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Database, Mysqli and other essential programming languages in trend.

Static Website design in India

In static website development in India, you will get a hard coded , beautiful and all responsive website with all your categories, services or products listed with all necessary information for users to buy your products or services through contacting you via whatsapp, call or email.

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Dynamic Website design in India

In a dynamic content website in India, you will get a website with an admin control panel to manage ,create and update all your business categories, service, products and manage user and other website content dynamically. Also you will get a contact form submission and enquiries on your email account instantly as soon you get any query on your website.

Sample Dynamic Content Websites

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Ecommerce Website design in India

In E-Commerce website development in India, you will get a fully functional ecommerce website to sell your physical or digital products online and list products with an admin panel control to manage all your product, categories, product details, pricing and all other mandatory information to buy your products. Also you can manage all your users, their orders and payment information like payment received, pending or other information about the user’s order.

Sample Ecommerce Websites

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multi vendor/functional website in India

In a Multi-vendor website in India, you will get a fully functional and all device responsive ecommerce website with multiple vendor login to add product and information for users to buy from your website. You will get a website with admin control, vendor control and user control to manage their content and information for the website.
Also you can customize your website functionalities like what you want your website to store and serve information to users according to their need and requirements and admin control will offer you update information from admin to website for users. Multiple login can occur for these kinds of websites.